General and Gameplay rules are located here. Please review them to get a general idea of how to play the game efficiently without getting too many complaints.

General Rules[edit | edit source]

The general rules apply to gameplay as well as general OOC chatting.

  • No horseplay, bullying, or harassing of any kind; such behavior will not be tolerated.
  • No name-calling, or harsh words. If it's IC-related, I'll let that slide if it's not too abrasive language.
  • Alcohol and tobacco references are not allowed, unless it is IC-related.
  • Absolutely no Godmodding! This will not be tolerated under any circumstances! You will be subject to gradual consequences if this occurs, eventually leading up to permanent removal from the game.

Please obey the rules, and have fun! This is supposed to be a fun environment, and not meant to harm anyone in any way. It's okay if you slip every once in a while, but make sure that it does not occur consistently; else, disciplinary measures will be taken.

Gameplay Rules[edit | edit source]

These rules are related specifically to gameplay.

  • When creating a new character, make sure that you choose a name that everyone can understand and feel comfortable with. No foul words or obscene images please. We want to keep this as family- friendly as possible.
  • No Co-op adventures, unless you run it by an admin (me) first!
  • Make sure that you keep track of all of your points that you have acquired and spent. Refreshes happen in the middle of the week (Wednesdays) and in the middle of the weekend (Saturdays). Keep note of your maximum point values, and do not go over the specified amounts.
  • When creating an empire, you need to make sure that you make it available for other characters to spawn from if possible.

That's all. Enjoy! :)

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