Ever wanted to command your own army through a deserted town, a treacherous forest, or even across the raging seas? Have a knack for adventure, but want an extra hand? If so, Empires: The Role-playing Strategy Game is for you!

What is Empires?[edit | edit source]

Empires is a strategic game where you create your own militias and conquer land to expand your territories from different points in the land. You have control over the various powers and resources that are available to you from the start. Employ skills, such as hunting, woodcutting, metalworking, mining, and so on. There is no end to what you can or cannot do on Empires.

Spawn new creatures, defeat rivals, overtake other empires, and rise to the top in this Role-playing game that requires more than just good tactics and honorary weapon skills to overcome other players.

What are you waiting for?

(Note: This site is NOT associated with the Magi Chronicles: Destinies of the Old Civilization role-playing game)

How do I play?[edit | edit source]

You must first become a member on the Empires Website to be able to post character specifics. You can access this Wiki at anytime by clicking on the links located within the empires website. The general website itself is comprised of several other sites linked together to utilize the different empires that are associated with the game. For example, the Elven Empire is its own webpage, and so is the Dragon Empire. All five Empires are their own websites, but are linked together. In essence, they are the same game.

The new character template is a guide to creating your first character. when you have created your first character, you start out in one of the default empires already created by an admin (me). After that, you can expand and create your own empire after you've gathered enough people and declare a separate nation from the main empire. Form there, new characters can spawn from your empire or the default empire (so on and so forth).

There are a set of points at your disposal. There are three different point systems-- each have their own effect upon the game. See the Player Points section for complete details. By using these points, you can create your own empire(s), spawn new races and creatures, create new classes, teach new skills and abilities, cast spells, and so on.

There's not much else except just pure role-play. The games are story-driven, so no extra material is needed. A pen and paper is optional if you want to take personal notes.

Since all of that has been said, go ahead and start building your new empire. Your destiny awaits!

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